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The Lost Garden is a first-person audio puzzle game that features sonic exploration in an abandoned underground urban environment. As a stranger here, the player explores the soundscape of a world cut off from nature, perhaps a future us, by interacting with sonic puzzles that open doors to new areas, and, ultimately, the lost garden. Through listening and interacting with sounds, players are encouraged to consider the fragile nature of our natural soundscapes, and to speculate on what the story might be for the abandoned game world. As puzzles are solved, clues are revealed, and doors to new areas are opened, ultimately leading the perceptive player outdoors, to the lost garden.


Game Design: Scott Smallwood, with Nicolás Arnáez and Jessa Gillespie.

Music and Sound Design: Scott Smallwood, Nicolás Arnáez, Stephan Moore

Graphics:  Jessa Gillespie and Scott Smallwood

Others (full credits available at end of game, or on our website)

Listen to and download The Lost Garden soundtrack, with music by Scott Smallwood, Nicolás Arnáez, and Stephan Moore.


the-lost-garden-macos.zip 4 GB
Version 1 Nov 22, 2021
the-lost-garden-windows.zip 4 GB
Version 1 Nov 22, 2021

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